Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kyle Baker Umphrey's McGee Winter Tour Poster Release

Kyle Bakers 2017 Winter Tour poster for Umphrey's McGee are selling lot hotcakes on the road so the band has given him the go-ahead to release his artist edition and variants.

Kyle’s latest print is his fourth straight Winter Tour poster for longtime client Umphrey’s McGee.

In addition to the artist edition which matches the band’s tour merch poster closely, there are three variant editions on super cool foil, as well as and two art print edition titled “Pythoness” which have the text layer omitted.

Each of the tour posters was printed with six inks / screens, with the foil variant inks mixed separately for maximum effect.

All prints measure 18″ x 24″, are signed & numbered, and they are limited editions—once they sell out, they’re gone!

They're now available for purchase:

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