Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Joey Feldman däktər GonZo Dr Gonzo Art Print Release

Joey Feldman is releasing his first print with Bottleneck Gallery this week. The name of the print is däktər GonZo.

I talked to Joey about the print:
Its no secret that the first time I was introduced to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” the book became a seminal and liberating moment for me, discovering both the fantastic art by Ralph Steadman and the words by Hunter S. Thompson. Since then my work as always been reminiscent of Steadman’s “gonzo” style.
Years later, bottleneck contacted me about doing a piece based off that book. It was a dream come true to be asked to do a homage to this great piece of literature and culture.
The print will be sold in two editions.
12 x 16” fine art giclee
Hand numbered and signed edition of 125 $45
Hand embellished, hand numbered and signed edition of 20 $100

On sale Friday at 1PM EDT at

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