Friday, March 31, 2017

Erica Williams Peace Be With You And Luminous Prints Release

Having gotten settled back in her studio after Flatstock Erica Williams is ready to share a couple of new prints with the internet.

First is "Peace Be With You". This piece was inspired by the Islamic faith, and is to show my support and adoration for Muslims, especially those refugees affected by the recent travel bans. Peace Be Upon You is my first print for a cause.

$5 of every sale will be donated to the ALCU.

In Islam bats are considered to be a perfect create, the soul turns into an owl after you die, and cats (while not included in the art) are the most beloved by Muhammed. While there is no "official" flower, roses are important and are commonly used in Muslim weddings and funerals. Also included is oleander, which grows throughout the region affected by the travel bans. The symbols on the Misbaha are that is Islam, and an African symbol that means "unity through diversity." Lastly, the seven stars (one is hidden by the bat, which kinda worked out after the ban was revised) stand for the seven countries affected by the ban.

 Luminous was released shortly before Flatstock, but Erica didn't get the chance to put them online prior to heading to Austin.

Buy them at

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