Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rob Loukotka Poker Lexicon Poster

Rob Loukotka has created a huge poster featuring all you need to know about the game of poker. The Poker Lexicon is a densely detailed chart of 250 poker terms and definitions. Rob has always liked playing home poker games / tournaments, and he realized the amount of lingo folks use while playing is pretty staggering. So this poster is his attempt to categorize a TON of information for both poker players and newcomers.

It's a 2 color screen print, open edition, signed by the artist.
18 x 24"

The type size is basically limited by the smallest that can be safely screen printed (and remain legible) at VGKids. So this poster is about the absolute limit of how much text information you could pack into a poster, while still having room for lots of illustrations explaining the concepts, and still looking cool.

Buy it at  https://fringefocus.com/i/the-poker-lexicon/

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