Thursday, September 13, 2018

Matt Leunig Widespread Panic Nashville Poster Release

Matt Leunig has a new Widespread Panic poster.
I was psyched to get the Nashville gig as the vibe of the city tends to allow the art direction a bit of a different look then most of their other stops. A bit more of a rustic, Southern feel. I know the rooster has been used by them in the past but I wanted to give my take on it and have been dying to try some of that “hot chicken” they got down there. As I was working the melty/flame like elements of the design I realized I could work in some foxes and give the overall image a bit more of a story quality to it. From there the concept came together pretty quickly. ML
The show edition was a print run of 350 prints & he will have an Artist Edition of 65 prints (Signed/Numbered) available on Wednesday, September 13th at 11am PDT. To keep with the rustic vibe there will be NO FOILS available for this print, instead he tried a “wood veneer” variant On a wood patterned veneer paper for the 1st time. In total there will be a run of 40 of these (signed/numbered)

Get some of that tasty hot chicken at


  1. Hey my hisband is dying to get the widespread Nashville rooster poster because its where we met. Any chance you have one you could part with? It would be much appreciated. Thx

    1. Contact the artist Matt Leunig. Never know, he might have one.