Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Charles Peterson Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder Boston Bonus Print

Charles Peterson and 1xRUN decided to drop a bonus print for the Drop in the Park series and this one features Eddie Vedder at the recent concert in Fenway Park in Boston on September 2.
"Often, it's the seemingly simple that can resonate the most for me. For this 1xRUN bonus from Boston, I was envisioning a wide shot, a classic Who jump shot, solid action, Fenway! But this early (ten minutes in, first show) photograph of Eddie really struck me. Capturing the maturity of an artist, in an image that is both resonant and visually dynamic, in a live setting, is a tough thing to do. I’ll leave any interpretations beyond that to the viewer.

A bit about making the image. For one thing, it's not cropped and is at the long end of a Nikon 80-200mm. Pearl Jam have these enormous black scrims surrounding the stage, which makes it easy to get really clean backgrounds like this. Typically, the first night of any Pearl Jam show there’s a scrum of twenty plus photographers, most right down under Eddies’ nose, there to shoot the first three songs only. I usually avoid that, and head to the far side of the pit or elsewhere, until they’re finished. And that’s how one begins to get a shot like this. Or as I like to say to students: “Bend your knees!” (i.e. find that new perspective).

I also like the arc, the narrative trajectory made from the first image in the 1xRUN series of a young, wild Ed hanging from the scaffolds, to the middle age, dad Ed, still in awe of it all, playing at the legendary ballpark of his youth." - Charles Peterson
 This print is a 17 x 12 Inches Archival Pigment Print. Timed Limited Edition that is signed & numbered will be closed on September 12th at 3pm.

This Drop In The Park print series features 8 new timed limited editions from legendary Seattle photographer Charles Peterson! To coincide with Pearl Jam's 2018 US tour 1xRUN has partnered up with Charles Peterson to look through his expansive archives for some old favorites, never before seen shots and more surprises for 7 new timed limited editions dropping for each stop of the band's 2018 tour! In partnership with Pearl Jam's ongoing initiative to fight homelessness a portion of the proceeds from Charles Peterson's Drop In The Park editions will be donated to Mary's Place in Seattle.

On sale now at 1xRUN.com for only 24 hours.

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