Friday, September 7, 2018

Lightbox Print Co Building the 804 Print Release By Sally Centigrade Gallery

Sally Centigrade Gallery is going to Richmond, Virginia with their latest Travel By Screen print.

Artist: James and Meredith Hill of Lightbox Print Co.
Title: Building the 804
Size: 18” x 24” Signed & numbered limited edition of 25 4 layers (CMYK), screen printed by hand on Pure White French Paper
Price: $50.00

Available Friday September 7th at 10:00am Mountain Time in the Sally Centigrade Gallery Store HERE.

Print Description: Richmond, the heart of the 804 area code, is a medium size city rapidly putting itself on the map alongside some respectable large cities as one of the top places to visit for its award- winning food and craft beer scene, thriving arts and creative community, downtown riverside adventures and historic architecture (along with its interesting and infamous history as the capital of the Confederacy). This print captures the city’s amalgamation of old and new through an architectural sense – one of the buildings stands as one of the tallest and oldest in the city yet is vacant while another is one of the city’s newest and hottest boutique hotels, both residing only within a couple blocks of each other.

**The 804 is subtly shown vertically in the windows of the blue building on the left**
Statement/Bio: Married printmakers Meredith and James Hill (working together under the name Lightbox Print Co.) produce bold, contemporary works out of their studio in Richmond, VA. All of their work is screen printed and registered by hand the old fashioned way and based off their own drawings and photographs. Drawing from and inspired by their backgrounds in architecture and design, the content of their work is influenced by their often-pondered question of what gives a place its character – something they have always loved to investigate by traveling on foot with a camera and sketchbook – then documenting through their own lens and style via their artwork.

The couple share in the various steps of their collaborative printmaking process from the conceptual development of an idea to the separation of color layers to the final printing, allowing one or the other to take the lead on drawing, mixing ink colors or pulling the squeegee depending on the needs and aesthetic of each particular print.

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