Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dave Matthews Band Gorge Print By James Flames Release

Here is James Flames latest poster for Dave Matthews Band, from their recent show at the hallowed grounds of The Gorge!

The illustration is titled "Crash Into Me", and the scene takes place on a special night: the night of the comet-showers. Out in the field, there’s an old car that’s grown into the foliage – it’s a favorite spot for this young couple. They climb the car hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the stars, but the cosmos decides to put on a magical show just for them. The comets dance and fall, and the stardust crashes down upon them, making an everlasting connection between them and the universe.

This is a Limited Edition of 1,750 -- the vast majority of them were sold out at the concert, and so these are the remaining final prints available.

18" x 24", Screen Printed Poster
Edition of 1750 (Much much less available online!),
Signed & Numbered

They will be available Tuesday, September 18th at 2pm Eastern at https://www.jamesflames.com/

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