Thursday, September 6, 2018

Arno Kiss 311 Queens of the Stone Age & More Posters Release

Arno Kiss planning to do a big poster drop on Friday (9/7) at 2pm EDT, lots of great work.

311 Dayton poster
12x24 - 3 colors, $35 for the regular version (edition of 30), $65 for the foil variant (edition of 20)
I knew they discovered the Wow! Signal in Ohio so I wanted to find a way to show that on a poster. After doing some reading on the Native American tribes that settled in Ohio I thought it would be cool concept to decorate a Chippewa tipi with some more extraterrestrial decorations. AK
Umphrey’s McGee Miami posters
18x24 - 3 colors, $35 (edition of 25)
Most of my Umphrey’s posters so far have had some kind of Ethereal vibe going one. I like to envision things coming back to life because Umphrey’s McGee is rolling into town. So this is a continuation on that theme, but with a Miami Beach vibe. AK
Queens of the Stone Age Budapest posters
18x24 - 3 colors, $35 for the regular (edition of 75), $65 for the foil variant (edition of 20)
I’m half Hungarian, so I was pretty stoked when I found out it was for the Budapest date.I started brainstorming of my favourite experiences in Hungary and I always went back to the memory of a guy herding his cows down the street in a broken down Trabant. So I ended up drawing the Trabant I’d want to drive around the herd my cattle. AK
Set the alarm on your phone for Friday and buy them in his store at

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