Wednesday, September 5, 2018

James Flames 311 & Umphrey's McGee Posters Release

First up is James Flames newest poster for 311, from their recent show in St. Paul, MN. The illustration is titled "Teenage Bedroom", and it's his homage to the early 90’s -- such a magical time, there was something so unique in the air, so many great memories. Mixtapes, young love, and vibessss!

The second new poster is James latest for Umphrey's McGee from the concert in St Augustine, FL. This illustration is titled "The Magic Crayon".

James on the UM design:
One of my favorite books when I was growing up was “Harold and the Purple Crayon” – remember that?! So good. Anyway, the basic story here is that there’s this magic tree, right at the edge of the ocean – all sorts of special things grow on this tree, like keys and magic crayons.

An explorer has been searching far and wide for this tree, and as he’s traveling with his three dogs, they come upon the tree. He grabs a crayon from the branches and begins to draw in the sky – and what he draws starts swirling and twirling and lighting up the sky, and then it opens up a window that looks out to the wonders of the universe!

All of these posters sold out at both concerts, and so these are the final prints available, including special HoloFoil Variants. They will all be available Wednesday, September 5th at 1pm Eastern at

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