Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Charles Peterson Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Monkeywrench Radio Seattle Art Print

The next print is 1xRUN's Charles Peterson Pearl Jam Drop in the Park series features Eddie Vedder playing DJ on the Monkeywrench Radio broadcast from Seattle.

"Spin, spin, spin the black circle! Eddie doing just that during one of Pearl Jam’s legendary Monkeywrench radio shows they put on in the mid and late nineties from their Seattle practice space. This photo has never been published or exhibited before and only recently discovered in the archives. My favorite part of the shot? Eddie’s ubiquitous (at the time) Casio calculator watch front and center. I think he’d like that the most too." - Charles Peterson

This print is a 17 x 12 Inches Archival Pigment Print. Timed Limited Edition that is signed & numbered will be closed on September 12th at 3pm.

This Drop In The Park print series features 7 new timed limited editions from legendary Seattle photographer Charles Peterson! To coincide with Pearl Jam's 2018 US tour 1xRUN has partnered up with Charles Peterson to look through his expansive archives for some old favorites, never before seen shots and more surprises for 7 new timed limited editions dropping for each stop of the band's 2018 tour! In partnership with Pearl Jam's ongoing initiative to fight homelessness a portion of the proceeds from Charles Peterson's Drop In The Park editions will be donated to Mary's Place in Seattle.

On sale now at 1xRUN.com

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