Friday, October 30, 2009


Screen washout tub. When he applied for the permit and they saw the plans for a tub and with the name The Bird Machine, the city thought it was for an animal washing service.

Doodling my book.

The big printer

Smaller printer and paper cutter.
All the latest posters.

Where he cuts the rubylith. I even got to try it. Its not easy. Still cant believe he cuts it for every poster.

Project for

193 Fish OG drawing

Fugazi Chairs OG WOW

Animal Stack and Low OG

Shellac OG

Exclusive sneak peak at the New never before seen Droids Attack poster he just finished printing.

Sneak peak of his Monsters of Folk Poster for tonights show

Well it is with great pleasure I bring you the inside of The Bird Machine. Jay was kind enough to let me stop by the other day, take some pictures, chat and change light bulbs with him. Got to see the shop and meet Sara and see lots of great art work. Diana was working and Seth was at home so I did not get to meet them. Someone else stopped by this week also Jay said,......Aaron Horkey. I have been a fan of Jays work for many years (5 posters framed in the house and flat file drawer full), so this was a big thrill to actually see his shop for the first time. Jay is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He has done so much to help other people and causes with his benefits and yet is still one of the most humble down to earth people. Did I mention he is a great artist also?

Hand drawing all his stuff and seldom using the computer. His drawings are small 9 x 12 or so them he enlarges them. He cuts the rubylith by hand still to create the screens for printing. So he does not mess around with coloring the posters in the computer at all. Sometimes he does not know the coloring he wants until he starts printing them and even then adds more colors if needed.

Jay Ryan has been creating posters and printing them for 14 years. Tired of painting houses he started working at Screwball Press in Chicago and the rest is history.

THANK YOU AGAIN JAY for letting me stop by. He has a couple of articles coming out in magazines soon as well so keep an eye out for those

So go over to The Bird and check out his stuff.


  1. This is cool as hell. Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is great, and that new Droids attack poster is f'ing awesome

  3. Can't wait for the new Monsters of Folk and Droids Attack to drop!

  4. seeing your fave poster artist at work is somethin special (now i can see where all my money goes!). thanks for sharing.

  5. now i can see where all my money goes. thanks for sharing your visit to my fave artist