Thursday, October 22, 2009

PNE (EMEK, Jermaine Rogers & Justin Hampton) Collaborative Art Print #2: 'I'd Love To Turn You On...'

This screen print measures 25 x 25 inches. The artwork displays PNE's weird tribute to one of the greatest bands of modern times, The Beatles. Drawing a vibe from their combined childhood love of 1970's carnival art and pop exploitation, the artists of PNE have created the type of kitsch imagery that is a constant feature hiding in the underbelly of rock and roll culture.

The regular edition of this print is signed by all 3 artists and is part of an edition of 200 copies: PNE debuted this piece recently at the TRPS Poster Show in San Francisco, California. As promised, a limited amount of these posters were held back and are now being made available to collectors worldwide via the PNE website this Friday The print features brilliant psychedelic colors, including a seamless color fade.

Regular Edition: $80 USD + SHIPPING

This special edition of the poster was printed with special metallic inks. With these color variations, the print takes on a different mood. Only 100 of these were produced and a very limited portion of them will be made available this Friday. The print is numbered and signed by all three artists.

Special Edition: $120 USD + SHIPPING

With such a huge response for the recently released '27 Club' t-shirt, we've decided to release the ultra-slick '27 Club' hoodie. These hoodies are heavy weight Jerzees brand, Z NuBlend and 50% cotton / 50% Polyester. They come in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL. Get ready to weather the cold months ahead with Jimi, Janis, Kurt, and their pals.

'The 27 Club' Hoodie: $40 USD + SHIPPING

This Friday, October 23rd sees the web release of the recent Post Neo Explosionism collaborative art print, 'I'd Love To Turn You On...'. Post Neo Explosionism (PNE) is a collaborative effort founded by three of the big names of the rock and roll poster art scene: Justin Hampton, Jermaine Rogers, and Emek.

Both of these prints and the hoodie will be released on the PNE website ( on:
Friday, October 23, at a random time between Noon & 1pm PACIFIC TIME
(3pm - 4pm EASTERN; 1pm - 2pm MOUNTAIN.)

Limit of one of each poster per buyer. Absolutely no holds are reservations: first come / first served.

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