Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Philadelphia Night 2 Pearl Jam poster by Tom Tomorrow

Well here is the shirt from tonights show. Poster is the same image as on the shirt. Yep its getting worse.

Tom Tomorrow:
About those posters

In response to a number of questions, yes I did a series of four posters for the Philly shows this week which will form one large scene when placed next to each other (though with gaps left in the images between each poster so they don’t have to be jammed right up against each other to look right, if that makes sense).

Since these were for a series of shows the week of Halloween, my idea was to have a giant retro pop-culture costume-party theme — superheroes, robots, space people, monsters, etc., along with a number of band-related/requested “cameos” in the background, all (at least in my mind’s eye) comprising the audience to the last shows at the Spectrum.

The trick was to design four posters which would each stand alone, would work as a larger image when the full set was displayed together, and would work when displayed in sets of two or three. I knew that some people would be attending all four shows and I wanted to create something special for them, but I didn’t want anyone who could only attend one or two shows feeling that they “had” to get the entire set.

As for questions about a signed and numbered edition of the set — definitely not until after the New Year. I’m still recuperating from the Chicago poster sale.

Also: apparently the images are also being used on shirts. Last night was the first I’d heard about that. I guess you can form a larger image with those as well, if you get three other friends together and each wear a different night’s shirt …

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