Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tom Tomorrow Pearl Jam Chicago Night 2 posters on sale details

Tom Tomorrow will be putting his Chicago posters up for sale Wednesday at noon EST in the Posters For Sale section. This is a signed and numbered edition of 100, with 90 posters actually for sale (he is setting aside the rest for friends and family). Cost of the poster will be $70, with $10 flat rate postage, including mandatory insurance. (These are domestic postage rates– overseas customers, go ahead and purchase at this price, with the understanding that you will receive a second invoice for the balance of actual postage costs.) Limit one per customer. Shipping will probably take 4-6 weeks — he is a one-man band, and there are only so many hours in the week.

… forgot to mention, these are 9-color silkscreened posters

ON SALE NOW 12:15PM est.

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