Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malleus West Fest Poster and their US tour

From Malleus:

Only a couple of days and we’ll fly back home.
But they’ll be 2 totally full days.
On the 24th of october (that is today, or it’ll be tomorrow or yesterday in other parts of the Planet), we’ll have the second day of the Dark Nouveau show at the Varnish in San Francisco.
Together with Firehouse guys (Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan), Alan Forbes and Dave Hunter, we’re presenting a collection of posters and art prints in Natoma street in Frisco. Today (or yesterday or tomorrow but I think today is enough…), it’s been great.
Tomorrow (ok, I won’t repeat the thing of yesterday and tomorrow, I mean the 24th of October, damn), we’ll be at the Varnish with our band too.
Ufomammut and Acid King will be there to evoke the spirits of the Earth with some cool music.
Doors open at 7, gigs will start later.
And we’ll have a fantastic poster by our friend and genius (well ok, he’s not, but we love him…) Jorge Gamboa.
You’ll see. Only a few copies left, so don’t be late.

Then on the 25th we’ll be at the Golden Gate Park for the West Fest with a poster we’ve printed at Firehouse studio.

It’s a 3 colours poster and we’ll have it available single or on a set also including Chuck Sperry, Ron Donovan and Dave Hunter prints. It’ll be cool.

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