Monday, October 19, 2009

Two prints- "Nature's Splendor" and "The Three Friends" by Jeff Soto

"The Three Friends" giclee set by Jeff Soto
Comes with three individual prints. Edition of 100
Paper size: Each print 10" X 10"
Signed and numbered with signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Ships flat for extra protection.

Available from on Monday, October 26th, 2009 around noon (PST).
$125 + shipping

"Nature's Splendor" giclee on archival paper
Edition of 50
Paper size: 14" X 14" , Image size: 12" x 12"
Signed, numbered and titled with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Ships rolled up in cardboard tube and inside a triangular cardboard box for extra protection.
This painting was shown at Soto's "Inland Empire" show at Stolenspace Gallery in London, alongside it's companion piece, "Nature's Wrath". This giclee will recreate the piece at it's actual size (12" x 12").

Available from on Monday, October 26th, 2009 around noon (PST).
$125 + shipping

Jeff Soto will be releasing two new giclee prints next Monday (October 26th).

The first is actually a set of three prints- "The Three Friends". They are reproductions of the watercolor pieces he has been having so much fun with. He was going to release one of these and felt they worked very nice as a set. He is very happy with them, the proofs look like the original watercolors.

The second is "Nature's Splendor" which is a companion piece to a 2009 sold out print, "Nature's Wrath". This print has already been offered to NW buyers in order to give them first dibs on completing the two print set. Owners of the first print have until Monday to make their purchase via email to, after that we will be selling remaining prints on October 26th. Over half the prints are already paid for, so apologies in advance- there is a slight chance these will not be available.

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