Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pogues at The Warfield and The Regency, San Francisco, October 13 and 14, 2009 by Chuck Sperry and Urlo of Malleus

From Chuck:

Here’s the first Firehouse Goldenvoice Series poster for both venues, The Warfield and The Regency, in San Francisco, number 70 in the series.

Somehow I managed to draw and design and hand-letter this poster on the Monday after The TRPS Hall of Flowers Show. After having breakfast in The Haight-Ashbury with Urlo, Poia and Lu of Malleus, Jeff Wood, Johnny Thief and George Gamboa at The Pork Store. And after Jeff came over to the house to pack his posters to send home (Cool, Jeff stoked me a Stanley Mouse / Jeff Wood – Sheppard Fairey parody – colab print called “DOSE”). And after a gallery meeting with Phil Cushway at Artrock. And after dropping The Malleus kids off at Union Square; I got to work on this drawing of Anu – Irish Goddess of The Waters. The first real winter rain was just starting to blow into San Francisco, tearing through the trees in front of my apartment in the Panhandle. Thought the Pogues would dig this drawing, a reference to the primordial Celtic goddess of fertility.

Urlo arrived and suggested I put “The Pogues” into the reflection right under Anu’s face. I handed him the drawing and a piece of paper and pencil and asked him if he would like to letter that. So he did. The result is a bit of a cool colab action – all relaxed – just a slice of life.

The Pogues at the Warfield

October 13, 2009

With Devotchka

Sean Wheeler

Zander Schloss


The Pogues at the Warfield

October 14, 2009

with Chris Schiflett

& The Cheaters

Firehouse Goldenvoice Series Number 70

Editon of 150

Heavy metallic green and dark green on archival cream paper

26″ x 20″

Signed and Numbered

$30 + $7 Shipping

Buy it at

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