Monday, October 19, 2009


“Girl Parts” Limited Edition Giclee Print


Extremely Limited Edition Of 50

11.5" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.

Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by ATTABOY.

$50.00 each

Direct link to ATTABOY PRINT:

A word from Atta about the original painting:
"Girl Parts was the first painting I made for my "A Touch of Evil Show" in
LA. While painting, I pretended I had an alter ego named Kenji Kokamoto, who
didn't make magazines, whose hands were stubs burned in a rave fire in Tokyo
in the 90's. Late one night I even created a Myspace page for Kenjii and in
an Ad in a magazine. Some days, Kenji was a girl who wore long diva gloves
which eventually soaked in the blood from the not yet healed portions of her
flambe wound, drawing cute out-of-context characters that her young cousin
would like. Other times Kenji was a boy, not caring about anything he drew,
confident and assured, like a deodorant commercial.
Girl Parts dipicts a future, and that future, like our present, will be
part advanced, part regressed, dismantled. Exploded views, spare parts,
unexpected explosions, glass and plastic, and oddly some religious themes
are sneaking in. A messed up future doesn't mean it's a dystopian one tho,
there's ups and downs even in the darkest state, the darks just seem darker,
making the lights stand out more, so to speak."
The print is incredibly detailed! Check out these close-ups!

Attaboy is an incredible artist and visionary. Here is a little more about
Attaboy is an internationally shown artist, creator and toy designer whose
work is seen in galleries, museums, toy boutiques, magazines calendars, and
art books. Atta's Art focuses on the disturbed childlike sensibilities that
he values above all else and is centered in a goo-filed worls; lust filled
and awkward, uneasy with their own cuteness or simply unaware of it or how
it affects them or others, all imagined in a palette reminiscent of a rusted
cruise ship. His images and collectables are glimpses into Atta's
insecurities and currupt sensibility often times providing more of a
physical diary to his day to day undertakings..
Atta is the co-founder of the critically acclaimed "Hi-Fructose Under the
Counter Culture" Magazine and has created and directed animation for cable
He's also a former child model, but he doesn't like taking about that. He
was once on David Letterman; Paul Shafer was cool, but Dave was kinda an
That day he also got to meet Liberace tho, and that was rad. His fingers
were nothing but rings.

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