Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Poster Mountain Silkscreen Poster Experiment Using a Malleus Poster



 Check out Poster Mountain's latest job of restoring an otherwise trashed Malleus poster.

Details from Poster Mountain:

 As our regular readers and clients know, Poster Mountain has been privileged to be part of the growing wave of contemporary silkscreens, both as collectors and conservators. We have been lucky enough to see a lot of these, although sadly its because they have been damaged in some way. Usually from issues during shipping.

 Silkscreens are amazingly varied, but two things make them stand out in particular, at least for me, from other types of prints: the viscosity of the ink and the range of paper types they are being printed on. Even different posters from the same shop have vastly different responses to our conservation techniques because of these two aspects.

In an effort to continue to expand our knowledge of these posters and how they respond to conservation, when John came across photos on Facebook (in the Silkscreen Poster Fans and Artists Group) of a badly damaged Malleus rock concert poster he asked that it be sent to us to experiment on. The poster had been damaged in shipping and not only were the sides badly crumpled, but there were two rips that had been punched through the paper. Malleus had replaced the poster so there was nothing riding on this experiment other than gaining valuable knowledge. Also, Urlo from Malleus (in Italy) was very helpful before we began the process, he helped us by following our instructions for testing the stability of the paper and ink on a leftover test-print and he shared the results with us. 

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