Monday, July 23, 2012

Tim Doyle original art on sale today


Godfather 2


The Prophecy

Taxi Magic

Today Spoke Art will be releasing five new original pen and ink works by Tim Doyle. These pieces were pulled from his private archives and are being made available for the first time to the general public.

Unlike many screen printers, Tim Doyle actually renders each of his prints by hand first, making these unique works not just historically significant but also a nice and insightful look at his process.

For this retrospective release, they're making available Tim's original line work for some of his most iconic print releases such as "Godfather 2", "Fanboys", "Kirby/Ditko", "The Prophecy (O Brother Where Art Thou?)" and "Taxi Magic."

Spoke Art have intentionally chosen these five works as they represent a wide gamut of accessible price points for Tim's fans, and also a nice cross sectioning of Tim's career to date.

All five pieces can be found here:

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