Sunday, July 22, 2012

Winners of the Chuck Sperry Occupy Posters

Winners of the Chuck Sperry Occupy posters along with one super lucky winner of the Mind Spring Print

#11 JimmyBreeze
#34 LAZK
#85 ROB
#90 Steve H
#99 Craigers
#107 Chris Sison
#140 Chelbo Shaggins
#142 Sleep aka LOSER

Everyone please email me your shipping address, my email address it is to the right

 From Chuck
I was so happy to see that big a response.

Thank you from Chuck to everyone that entered  and all the great responses. My thanks to Chuck Sperry for providing all the posters for everyone and for everyone that participated.

Chuck is sending me the posters and I will ship them out to the winners as soon as get them and that will be this week.


  1. Mine arrived today and it appears that Chuck even signed it with a Sharpie!
    Of course the collector in me now wonders how many of these were ever signed?

  2. Very disappointed to see the winner of the mind spring print flipping it on eBay.

  3. Mindspring is down, occupy is still up. Doucher is just looking to make a buck, sucks for those others that loved the poster.