Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goon Squad Meet & Greet With Campaign Chairman Frank Kozik At Kidrobot New York City Tonight

The Havana Slammer

The Pyong Yang Player

DJ Aya-Holla

Lil Ilych

The Gipper

The putrid smell of politics is in the air this year and everyone can’t stop talking about who is best suited to rule the world of vinyl toys. Never fear — Now is your chance to meet and greet the Goon Squad chairman Frank Kozik at the campaign headquarters, Kidrobot New York. Take action Thursday, July 26 and cast your vote for the most diabolical dictator to ever fit in your pocket.

Now it’s your turn to push them around.
Hail the Goon Squad: the newest edition to Frank Kozik’s empire of busts. Each of these five friendly dictators is 4-inches tall and ready to take over your world. These leaders are dressed to impress, sculpted in single color vinyl, and available in 5 color options: electric blue, magenta, yellow, black and white. You can pick your authoritarian – The Pyong Yang Player, DJ Aya-Holla, Lil Ilych, The Gipper, or The Havana Slammer – though which color you get, we are not at liberty to say.
Retailing for $9.95 US (£7.90 UK, €9.20 EU), the tyranny begins July 26 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.

A very limited number will also be available direct from Kozik:

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