Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shepard Fairey The Black Hills Are Not For Sale Poster Release Details

Good looking new poster from Shepard Fairey on sale this week. The Black Hills Are Not For Sale poster is 18 x 24 inch Screen Print signed by Aaron Huey and Shepard Fairey.  Numbered edition of 450.
Photo by Aaron Huey
$60.  A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity to be announced soon.
Release Date: 7/26/12 at two random times during the day (PST) at ObeyGiant.com


  1. Hey Shep … while you are at it, why not create some art to support returning the Appalachian Mountains, the Florida Everglades, Manhattan Island, the Rocky Mountains, the Oregon Trail, the Costal Range, Los Angeles, Texas, California, and Alaska to all the indigenous people that inhabited these other United States land areas. It never ceases to amaze me how some yahoos take on a cause without truly knowing both sides of the debate. Yours truly in the Black Mining Hills of Dakota, Rocky Racoon.

  2. Dear Shepard Fairey,

    As benefactors of the generous sharing of your art with our online community, I am writing to see if you would once again honor us with your patronage.

    I'm writing on behalf of The MY HERO Project. We are a not-for-profit, project-based, online learning resource that is absolutely free to the 40,000+ classrooms who take part in our project every school year. The rights of indigenous peoples is a continuing story we're very interested in sharing through stories, art and film.

    May we have permission to use "The Black Hills Are Not For Sale" to create a MY HERO Gallery Page much like you allowed us to do with "Power and Equality" - http://myhero.com/go/gallery/open.asp?art=power_equality_fairey_2010 ??

    You can reach me any time at david@myheroproject.org

    Thank you for all you do,

    The MY HERO Gallery


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