Thursday, October 4, 2012

Product Review: Spotlight Displays Movie Poster and Print Frames

So have you run out of wall space to display your framed movie poster or gigposter yet ? Before you do I found something that will help you keep your framed collection fresh looking, Spotlight Displays. They sell front loading frames for any size poster, print, picture or whatever you want to hang on your walls for your friends and family to admire.

One thing I hear from my friends is they like to swap out their posters so they have something new to look at whenever they want or when they get a new poster they want up on the wall. But as you know it is a nightmare taking a frame off the wall and trying to take the poster out of the frame and put the new one in it.

I got a frame from Spotlight Displays to check out. It came fast and well packaged as you can see. Mounting screws and instructions were all there. The movie poster frames are made from the highest quality Anodized Aluminum right here in the United States of America. Every frame comes with two acid free overlays that have UV protective properties, one for the front and one for the back.

How the frame flips open

Back of frame

I popped up each edge of the frame picked up the overlay dropped the poster in put the overlay back on it closed all four edges of the frame and in less than 5 minutes I had a framed poster ready to hang.

And the beauty of these is once they are on the wall all you do is open the edges take out the old poster and put a new one in. Keeps your rooms looking fresh and you wont get bored looking at the same posters on the wall all the time

The frame is a little over 1/2 inch thick but they can make any size needed to fit your poster

They have 15 different frame styles with a 1.25 inch boarder. If you want a larger boarder they 4 different ones with a 2.5 inch boarder

They will also custom cut a frame to your specs.

Check out Spotlight Displays at



  1. To the anon that left the comment without proof or a name I will not publish your comment. Feel free to email me. My email address is at the top right, but I doubt you will

  2. Like this idea! Quick question...since spacers are not used, is the print directly against the glass? Curious how that works with screenprints. Thanks!

  3. The overlays are not glass, I think they are acrylic. You should ask Spotlight to be sure

  4. Thanks! Will shoot them an email. Definitely looks nice and simple!

  5. The overlays are Vivak PETG.
    You can use either side, If you place the textured side against the graphic, then the sheet will be a clear view. If you place the clear side against the graphic, then you will have a non-glare effect. The non-glare way is used if you have a lot of strong lighting.

  6. Sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for the info!

  7. I just found this on FB awesome stuff!!!

  8. I now have 9 of these frames. Super duper awesome!