Monday, December 16, 2013

Crosshair Chicago Gates & Linne Calodo Prints

Check out the crazy detail of this screen print

Dan of Crosshair just put up two new art prints. "Gates" was part of the Galerie F "Made In The Midwest" show and was available exclusively through them until now, when it is available directly from Crosshair. The Linne Calodo print is brand spanking new and he hasn't announced it anywhere beyond simply putting it up in the store.

Gates is an 11-color silkscreen print depicting the iconic EJ&E Railroad Bridge over the Calumet River. This bridge is the first that inbound shipping from the Great Lakes must pass under, and it is clearly visible from I-90. (Fun fact: Dan shot the photo from the neighboring 95th Street Bridge, AKA The Blues Brothers Bridge where Jake & Elwood jump the Bluesmobile.)

11-color silkscreen print, 23 x 17.5", s/n edition of 65, $75

The Linne Calodo print was commissioned as a special promo piece by Linne Calodo Cellars, a highly acclaimed family-owned winery in Paso Robles, California. The structure in the print is an iconic feed and grain silo in the nearby town of Templeton, CA. Dan has about 15 of them for the wine nerds who aren't on LC's Christmas list.

9-color silkscreen print, 18.5 x 27", s/n edition of 65, $75

...and the 2014 Crosshair Subscriptions are up. $500 for every original Crosshair print produced in the calendar year.

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