Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merel Gallery Evolution Show Opening Covered

Tim Doyle Brin Levinson David Welker James Flames

Chicago had another great gallery show opening last night and this one was at the Merel Gallery featuring the work of Tim Doyle, James Flames, David Welker, Brin Levinson and Craig McCudden. Along with the food of Chef Brian Merel who was the curator for the Evolution show. Click the images to enlarge them

Brian and his crew transformed Blackbird Gallery & Frame into a gallery with food service within about 2 hours and opened with no problems.

Tim Doyle, James Flame, David Welker and Brin Levinson were all in attendance and the crowd enjoyed being able to talk with them. Never having talked to Brin before I had a great time talking with him and learning about his approach to painting. Then seeing his work in person also is mind blowing. After having talked with Tim Doyle on the phone and email for so many years it was great to talk and hang out with him in person. I had not seen David in about 4 years so it was great to chat with him in person.

All the food was incredible and spot on, even Gordon Ramsay would not be able to find fault with any of it. James Flames and I settled on the tom yum gung bisque w/ marinated & chilled soba noodles plus the bacon laced shrimp w/ roasted corn jalapeƱo puree and chive oil as the favorites.

It was a great night of art and food. You can still check it out this weekend and buy prints in person.

Blackbird Gallery & Frame
4428 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 290-8617

Saturday, December 14th
6PM- whenever you leave

Sunday, December 15th***

Tickets for tonight can be Purchased tickets HERE The artist will all be there again tonight.

All the remaining prints and art work will go on sale Monday at 3 PM EST in the Merel Gallery Store HERE

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