Friday, December 6, 2013

Emek Whale Shark Print Release Details

Earlier this year Emek did a special benefit Silkscreen poster to help raise money for Pangeaseed, an international organization dedicated towards conservation and preservation of marine species in peril.

There was one edition of 175. They sold their copies earlier this year. Emek is now selling his copies of this original print run.

Whale sharks are being targeted by commercial and artisanal fisheries, putting them on the list of endangered species. - And the reduction of whale shark sightings has put them in a vulnerable situation.

All life on earth is a part of a greater whole. Of course nothing represents this more than "Endangered" lives. Extinction of one species affects the entire eco-system of which we are a part, not apart. I love the graceful "gentle giant" manner of the whale shark, and in this tribute I made all of its ubiquitous spotted patterns into Earths.

The truth, and the title of this piece is; "There is only One". We don't have spare earths, as much as this little whale shark would like us to believe. Without one there cannot be the other, we are all in this together. Eat more kale.

Printed on very special "deep blue sea " foil paper with metallic and glow in the dark inks
size: 24" x 12"
Signed, Numbered and Doodled
$75 + shipping

When the sale is complete we will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT

Please visit his Webstore at *click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00pm and 12:30pm PDT on Tuesday December 10, 2013

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