Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tom Bagshaw Lullaby Print Release

1xRUN has Tom Bagshaw back today with a perfectly creepy print titled Lullaby and I really dig this one.

"After getting the show theme I scribbled down a few notes about the vaguest stuff I could think of and then the general idea popped into my head, it was then just a case of doing some rough thumbnails to establish a proper composition but more importantly, the colour theme - before moving on to paint at higher resolution.

The main thing I wanted to to convey was the motherly aspect but it was the colour that was a little tricky, I ended up going with warmer colours than usual which helped to give a more 'creamy' appearance - almost warming the piece up to give a feeling of being 'off' somehow." - Tom Bagshaw

On sale today at NOON EST at

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