Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shark Toof Guilty Pleasures Prints Release

Shark Toof is back at 1xRUN today with a series of 3 prints titled Guilty Pleasures.

"The name Shark Toof and the original Shark Toof Icon were developed at the same time. With my Graffiti Art roots, I know how important it is to establish and own a tag name, and more importantly an image to remind the viewer of that tag name.

After a good full year of establishing the Shark Toof Icon on the streets, I didn't quite know where I wanted to move the Icon. It took some isolation to really stand behind my own beliefs without becoming a political artist. Thinking of iconographic shapes, I thought the cigarette pack is an easily identifiable shape which lead me to the idea of "Guilty Pleasures" and the Shark Toof Cigarette Pack. Although, I am not a smoker myself, I support every individual to indulge in whatever pleasures them as long as others aren't effected.

The Shark Toof Slot Machine was a natural progression as the slot machine is also an iconographic image on its own. The twist on the image is that the jackpot are cigarettes which ties into the Shark Toof Cigarette Pack print. In other words, by indulging in your guilty pleasure, the jackpot will be more guilty pleasures. I think the main selling point on these was to make them as sexy, flashy Old Las Vegas swank!" - Shark Toof

All 3 prints are 18 x 24 Inches Screen Prints on 140lb Archival Fine Art Paper

All 3 will be on sale today at NOON EST at

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