Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stargate Movie Poster by Kilian Eng Release Details

On Wednesday December 11th, Skuzzles will be releasing a brand new officially licensed screenprint movie poster, showcasing artwork by Kilian Eng. For some time now they wanted to work on a screenprint with Kilian and Stargate was definitely the perfect opportunity. Call them crazy, but when it comes to illustrating science-fiction environments, Kilian seems to know a thing or two. Kilian has an unmistakable illustration style that he uses to perfectly mesh together two prominent elements from Stargate--the alien world of an ancient civilization and the advanced technologies seen throughout the film.

 Skuzzles asked Killian to contribute some feedback to everyone and here's what kindly he had to say:

"Stargate is an aesthetic masterpiece and fantastic Adventure. To create a science fiction film and include one of if not the most interesting and fascinating ancient civilizations in it is great idea. When I got the opportunity to create a print for Stargate I knew right away that i wanted to draw the two guards with the appearances of Horus, the god of sky and protection and Anubis the protector of the dead. Besides from being two of the most well known ancient Egyptian gods they also look fantastic in the film, perhaps some of the coolest looking costumes in any sci-fi movie. Stargate is a true classic adventure/sci-fi film that combines the ancient with high tech in a great way."

Stargate Regular Edition
Price $50
Size 24" x 36" - 7 color screen print
Edition size of 165

Stargate Metallic Variant Edition
Price $65
Size 24" x 36" - 7 color screen print featuring metallic inks
Edition size of 75

ON SALE Wednesday December 11th @ 12:00PM Eastern time on the Skuzzles homepage.

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