Thursday, December 5, 2013

L'Amour Supreme Basel Castle 2013 Official Print Release

To usher in Art Basel 2013, 1xRUN have teamed up with Overthrow Collective and L'Amour Supreme for the Official 2013 Basel Castle art print.

Basel Castle, produced by the Overthrow Collective in association with Embrace and ABV, is an art-centric festival combining some of the worlds most influential contemporary artists & musicians, with uniquely interactive games, installations, exhibitions, and live performances.

The festival is a full day event during the climax of Miami’s internationally esteemed Art Basel weekend.

After 3 amazing years in the Wynwood Art District, the Castle is moving into a bigger home at Grand Central Park in the heart of Downtown Miami.

You can find out more about Basel Castle here.

"The name L'Amour Supreme came about from me being such a big fan of Coltrane and his album, A Love Supreme. Supposedly he had this spiritual awakening while recording it. Not in the traditional Christian or Islamic sense, but more of an overall revelation of the connectedness of all beings. I definitely feel that listening to his music and that’s something I wanted people to feel when they view my art." - L'Amour Supreme

On sale today at NOON EST at

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