Thursday, April 10, 2014

Made514 Steel Passion Print Release Details

Made514 is an Italian graffiti artist and he is making his debut on 1xRUN Thursday with a print titled Steel Passion along with over 30 original works of art as well.

"I really like the shape of the letters in this piece. They remind me of some kind of a bio/anatomical shape. This piece was originally on exhibit for the Artaq in Paris and sold at the Pierre Cardin space in Paris during an exhibition. It was part of a black and white series I had done on a metal plate and this piece is probably the best piece of the series. I think overall it is also one of my favorite works, I like the flow and the movement that it has.

I painted this piece with water based enamel for the background and fine acrylic for the styles. I also used fire to burn the metal to create different kinds of shadows which gave more of a depth to the artwork. The support is a metal plate recycled from an offset printing press.” - Made514

All the pieces go on sale at NOON EST Thursday at

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