Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Steven Lopez Greet Them With Fire Print Release Details

Los Angeles artist Steven Lopez makes his first appearance on 1xRUN today with a great looking print titled Greet Them With Fire. Cool looking print hope we see more of his work in future at 1xRUN.

"This studio painting was part of my solo show at Gauntlet Gallery this year. I feel this piece culminates my exercises in lighting and texture. The elephant was really fun to work with. Especially when I embellished him with Quetzal type feathers. That's why this painting has emotional attachment to me. It combines a story of adversity along with my penchant to push my artistic boundaries.

I've had a few scrapes and bruises over the years to help with the idea. It started out as a conversation with myself that I had over and over again. This helped me understand the possibilities of that conversation and how to relay it visually. If I showed you the first sketch you'd laugh if you didn't know what the final draft looked like. But that's how it started. drawing and redrawing a many times over until it felt right." - Steven Lopez

Along with the print they will have 4 original paintings and 2 drawings on sale as well. They all go on sale at NOON EDT Wednesday at

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