Friday, April 11, 2014

Luke Chueh Boba Print Release Details

Luke Chueh strikes back again with 1xRUN today with his Boba print.

"The idea for this painting has been in my head for years now. I love puns and incorporating them into my paintings is one of my favorite things to do. I was basically waiting for the perfect show to feature the work, and they came around when Corey Helford Gallery had their "Pop-Eyeconic" group show.

I think this painting is especially poignant for me because it incorporates so many different aspects of my being. Star Wars if undeniably a big part of who I am. And like most kids my age, Boba Fett was a personal favorite. Boba Tea (or Bubble Tea) is something I can also be easily associate with through my Asian ethnicity. And the hoodie is my favorite article of clothing. The painting was sold at the show, and though I still have the original sketches and stuff around, I don't usually sell them unless there's an occasion, like a book release or something of the sort." - Luke Chueh

On sale Friday at NOON EST at

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