Friday, April 18, 2014

ITS BAAACK Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale

It’s been 6 months since the last Nakatomi-Wide MYSTERY TUBE SALE. They have more tubes than ever before- about 250 already packed with a few more tubes-worth of prints waiting on stand-by…so hopefully those who want one can get one!

Starting somewhere between noon and 2pm CENTRAL TIME on TUESDAY April 22nd , they’ll have tubes for purchase for $50 each. Each tube will have 5 prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out.

Tim has 4 more Dr Who prints planned, there’s only 2 pictured here, the remaining two are under wraps for now! You will get ONE of the four final prints in this series in each tube you order.

Test Sheets! They’re randomly inserting a totally awesome and unique test-sheet with orders!

They’ve got 7 pieces of original art by Doyle- black and white pen and ink drawings on Bristol Board
’ve got copies of some older prints that have been kicking around the shop for a bit- acquired from a friend of the store! The Warriors print is signed and numbered by Stout! Both the SPACED and WARRIORS prints are in sharp condition, and the Ferris Bueller by Jay Ryan is in decent enough shape!

Nakatomi will put these up for sale at a random time between noon and 2pm Central Time on Tuesday APRIL 22ND- and then tweet the sale link a few minutes later. You can follow Tim Doyle on twitter HERE.

NOTE- Last tube sale, we opened up sales on 100 or so tubes on eBay, which really smoothed over the checkout process, as their servers are VERY LARGE and it took 100 transactions off of our end as well. If traffic dictates, we MAY do that this time, if so- we’ll tweet about it, so follow that twitter link, eh?

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