Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sarah Joncas Deep Sea Print Release Details

Just so you know this image may be NSFW for the prudish, there are bewbies and some people are still afraid of them for some reason.

Sarah Joncas returns to 1xRUN today with her hypnotic print titled Deep See.

"This was included in a show I had last year at the Dorland-Haight Gallery. Due to it being a two person show, I had no focus on a particular theme, but just created the works as I wished. I concentrated on refining my portraits a little more, enjoyed playing with lighting, which is what this painting was mainly about. I wanted to capture the form and figure better and it was a nice exercise to have the reflected light hitting her face. Since there was no theme for the show I used it as an opportunity to practice my portrait skill and experiment a little more with lighting. The piece was a chance for me to really enjoy the form and figure." - Sarah Joncas

On sale Wednesday at NOON EST at, they will also have a painting on sale at the same time too.

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