Monday, April 21, 2014

Neal Williams Graveyard Las Vegas Poster Release Details

Neal Williams will have a new Graveyard poster going up for sale on Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM PST

I asked Neal about the design

 When I was asked to do the Las Vegas show, I remembered there is a place in Las Vegas called the boneyard where old signs and stuff go when they're retired. The connection between that and a graveyard seemed obvious, so I extended the idea to a dystopian landscape where nothing thrives. Some kind of massive dead scorpion corpse lies in front of part of the Statue of Liberty replica that is a known landmark at the New York - New York casino. Letters from old Las Vegas signage spell out the band name. I had a particularly bad time in Las Vegas the one time I went, so it wasn't difficult to picture it as a wasteland.

Graveyard at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV - 16" x 24" - Four colors on 100 lb. French Cement Green - Signed and numbered edition of 120. $25

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