Friday, April 18, 2014

Sket One Our Father Print Release

Sket One is back with a new release and his Holy Father on Friday at 1xRUN.

Sket One is a Los Angeles based visual artist with an old school urban background. Uniting pop culture reference, strong color, and bold type, Sket One has created a diverse and impressive portfolio of work including graffiti, toys, customs, canvases, and apparel. He joins us for his second RUN and again the force is strong with this one.

"I was 7 years old when Star Wars was released and I think within my age group Star Wars is a way of life, ingrained to say the least. I started the concept of the piece over 3 years ago, but needed the means and time to execute it. It is the start of a bigger series that I will be doing, straying away from my normal custom toy venue to focus on more of a higher artistic road. The commandment “Thou shall not worship false idols” was going to be a show title for me and still might be, but I will have a whole gallery show dedicated to Star Wars and this piece is one of that show." - Sket One

Our Father is on sale Friday at NOON EST at 

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