Thursday, April 24, 2014

Primus 2014 Spring Tour Poster Series Artist Line Up

Details from Zoltron on the new Primus Poster Series he has put together.

I remember it as if it were a meal ago…. And here we are once again, on the eve of another glorious Primus tour.

As has become customary for such an outing, I rattled some creative cages and knocked down some fancypants artdoors® and after lots of bartering, badgering and general pandering, I convinced a number of heavy-hitting artists to each design a commemorative, limited edition silkscreen poster for one of the stops along the tour.

Each performance, excluding the festivals, will have 100 (and occasionally more) hand printed posters available for purchase from the merch booth. Like every show in the past, we expect the posters to sell out quickly. Remember.. The early worm gets eaten by the bird. (And yes, poster tubes will be supplied.)

The individual posters will be unveiled the night of each show, at the gig, on the Primus facebook page and here, at

Such a multitude of masculinity (and some very welcome femininity) could only be found in one place... So in Alphabetical Order, Here are The Artists involved in the Spring 2014 Poster Series.

Brett Amory
Angry Blue
Tristan Eaton
Dave Hunter
John Pound
Reuben Rude
1000 Styles
Gary Taxali
Miles Tsang
Mark Dean Veca
David Welker
Tom Whalen
Yema Yema

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  1. Wow Legendary Artist John Pound, creator of Topps Garbage Pail Kids. That John Pound? Awesome!