Friday, April 25, 2014

Malleus Desert Fest London Poster Release Details & Giveaway

Malleus has a sick looking new poster for Desert Fest in London this weekend. It’s a 6 colors handmade silkscreen and it’s a limited edition of 145 pieces.
100 will be on sale during Desert Fest in London, then about 30 copies only will be for sale from Malleus on Monday. It’s very very sparkling with a lot of metallic inks.

Now Malleus is having a giveaway of the poster as well. They want a funny answer/explanation of just what the woman in the poster is doing.
Is the woman really small and the she’s on top of a human skull OR is the woman sit on a giant skull?
And why is she showing horns?
Is because she’s Italian and someone passed her quickly on a car or because she’s a metal head? -Malleus
So make Malleus laugh with a good story and you can win the poster. Leave a comment on their blog HERE

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