Thursday, April 17, 2014

Derek Hess Hemorrhage Laser Etched Art on Wood

Derek Hess has another incredible release Thursday from 1xRUN, Hemorrhage Laser Etched Art on Wood. I was fortunate to see one of these up close when I was in town for his show last month and they look sick in person.

Only 30 of these will be for sale and they are 10 x 28 Inches Laser Etching with Acrylic Hand-Embellishments on Wood

This piece of original art is ready to hang.

Note: Each piece in this series will be uniquely hand-painted by Derek Hess and will vary slightly from the example shown.

"This piece has to do with closure...or the lack of it. You have been emotionally hurt for an unknown reason. The bleeding won't stop because there was no explanation, the wound, the heart continues to hemorrhage.

I feel this is an emotion all of us can relate to...what brought you there is your own story, the common thread is we've all been there." - Derek Hess

On sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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