Saturday, April 19, 2014

Queens of the Stone Age Matt Leunig San Francisco Poster

Queens of the Stone Age tore through San Francisco the other night and Matt Leunig was hired by the promoter/venue to come up with a print for the show.  He definitely had a little geek out moment because he's been listening to QOTSA for a while and have always wanted to do a poster for them.

Matt kind of went ape shit with concepts thinking of everything from mech-punks to beheaded dragons but in the end he kept going back to the image of Charon the Ferryman from Greek mythology who would carry fresh souls across the River Styx.

 The poster had a print run of 400,.. and he currently has 30 AP’s available in the Store HERE. It is a 5-color print, 18′x24′.

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