Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alan Campbell Crime and Punishment Print Release

Crime and Punishment is the third Dostoevsky inspired screen print by Alan Campbell following on from 2012's very popular Brothers Karamazov (The most popular print he ever released) and 2013's Crocodile print.

Details from Alan on the print:

Outwith the Dostoevsky series it sits within a collection of book recommendations prints that I've been making since 2010, the goal isn't to feed nostalgia but to push beyond, encourage people to go out and read the books, the visuals of the prints aren't intended to be a straight illustrations or alternative covers for books,
but more of a prompt for discussion, which feeds back to me in the form of emails and conversations when i do exhibitions or conventions, to me personally this where it crosses over to become art, through it i change the way people talk to me people talk to me about books rather than something boring i don't care about.

I started to consider a crime and punishment print in about September, running through dozens of ideas and sketches but everything seamed too obvious, one of my favorite books and i wanted to do it justice. Around the end of march i started to work towards the solution, focusing on the character of Sofia visualised as Jos├ęphine Napoleon's first wife framed in a golden portrait locket overlooked by the skulls of Alyona and Lizaveta, the type box is intended to be reminiscent of the head of an axe, Under the eastern cross the Russian type reads crime and punishment and the bottom line reads Dostoevsky.

Intitalian hand drawn at 9"x12" , a recent development of drawing originals first has helped considerably in adding more detail and polishing the design, previously i would just straight draw onto sheets of drafting film at full size, from their the drawing was scanned and cleaned up digitally, the rest of the print separations were drawn by hand, Hand screen printed by me at the Glasgow print studio over the first week of may, Printed on textured paper with four thick metallic inks, it has a strange quality and depth that I've found to be quite unique among my own work and print collection.
5 color screen print on GFSmith Kimono Red stramore grande 216gsm (textured)
Edition of 45 S/N and stamped
£35 / $58 + S/H

Line art variant
1 color screenprint on GFSmith colorplan natural 270gsm (smooth)
Edition of 4 S/N and stamped
£40 / $67 + S/H

Wednesday May 12th
GMT 6pm = EST 1pm = PST 10am
on sale at

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