Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guy Burwell Queens of the Stone Age x Primus, Modest Mouse & Like A Villain Posters Release

Guy Burwell is releasing 3 new posters today Queens of the Stone Age and Primus, Modest Mouse & Like A Villain

Modest Mouse: A print from their recent long awaited Portland show. Sold out instantly at the show, Guy will have very few available. The Mice were nice. The project was quick and direct and flatly stamped out in a three color sobering dash of whimsy you have to hang in your hall for a few days, passing it on your way out the door, before the message starts to infect your routine.
 3 color signed numbered edition of 130 17.25 x 22.5 inches

Queens of the Stone Age and Primus Kansas City: A special one-off co-headline event! Guy will have them for sale in reasonable numbers at reasonable prices for reasonable (??) people. The Primus camp always does a great job of making sure their appearances are represented with a fine art poster print, and the Queens are also long time supporters of the craft, so combine the two and you get a piece of work that might try to mess with your brain while your sleeping if you aren't careful.
4 color signed numbered edition of 400 17.5 x 22.5

Like A Villain: Portland’s Like A Villain is a very unique performer and Guy was very happy to accent her live performances with very VERY small runs of prints. Mainly available at upcoming Like A Villain events, he will have a very few prints. May contain magical properties. Check online for upcoming shows and supplementary materials.
 5 color signed numbered edition of 50 (!!) 15 x 22

All 3 posters will be available Thursday, May 29 near 11 A.M., Pacific Northwest time at

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