Monday, May 12, 2014

Jay Ryan For Reference & New Mom Prints

Jay Ryan & Diana Sudyka three-year-old daughter is (for better or for worse) definitely a product of her parents:

Her mother is really good with identifying all sorts of animals and knowing facts about their migratory habits, their diets, physiology, and how to identify particular subspecies' genders and ages.

Her father (Jay) thinks dinosaurs are cool.

They have a lot of dinosaurs around the house these days (plastic, televised, imaginary, sidewalk chalk), and they've been creeping into his drawings more than the normal ambient level. Their daughter will tell you about Troodons and Giganotosaurus and Crylophosaurus and the other theropods, if you ask her.

Above, we have a Stegosaurus with her small mammal friends, preparing to depart for... where, the library? a park? Jay may leave that part for you to figure out. Five screens, 18 x 24 inches, signed and numbered edition of 225, available now at the
This past Saturday, The Bird Machine had their eleventh Workshop, with a bunch of guest printers coming in to learn how they do what they do. In honor of Mothers' Day, they made this (dinosaur) print, called New Mom. Four screens on heavy stock. Signed and numbered edition of 86, of which we've got about 20 available now at

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