Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Queens of the Stone Age Brad Klausen St Paul & Milwaukee Posters Artist Edition Release

Brad Klausen will be selling his Queens of the Stone Age St Paul & Milwaukee Posters (that I debuted exclusively HERE last week) as a matched set for $45 for the pair. As well as selling some individually. If the matched sets sell out and the individuals are still available and you were hoping for a matched set, if you purchase both individually, he'll refund you the $5 and make sure you get matching numbers.

Each poster is 15.5" x 24", 7 colors signed and numbered out of 288 (He only has 100 of each total) or individual posters will be $25 each

The St. Paul poster is a very literal interpretation of the song Monsters In The Parasol. Love that song, especially live. The Milwaukee poster is based of the album title "Like Clockwork", not the song Like Clockwork... When I first heard the album I always had this image popping into my mind of a sinister fellow checking his watch right as some catastrophe or something bad is about to, or just happened. What's about to happen here...? Is he gonna shoot her, or is she gonna sick her Monster on his...? Or is he her henchman and he's about to off someone of her choosing...? Or are the monsters just the evil thoughts running through both their minds? Who knows... 

Buy them at http://www.artillerydesign.com/ Tuesday May.13th starting at 9 AM Pacific

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