Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Queens of the Stone Age Jermaine Rogers Chicago Poster Release Details

Jermaine Rogers has a wild new QOTSA poster and print dropping this week.

Measuring 30x19 inches, this screen printed gem was commissioned for the recent Queens Of The Stone Age show in Chicago. The artist edition offered here is printed on gallery white stock and is available exclusively from (the show edition, which was printed on light cream stock, sold out quickly at the event). The imagery, based on the classic QOTSA track, 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer', is pretty self-explanatory. Take it slow...
From a signed and numbered edition of only 100 prints. - 50.00 plus shipping/handling

Measuring 30x19 inches, screen printed on holographic SPARKLE FOIL stock.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 15 prints. - 100.00 plus shipping/handling

- 'Promises' Art Print -
'Promises' is a new art print from Jermaine Rogers. It is the first day-sketch release from

Jermaine mentions:
'These day-sketch images capture a momentary state of mind...a creative snapshot of emotion. They are often graced with a line of text which i have felt full of meaning. Sometimes the text is authored by myself, other times it is a line from some song, a phrase from some book, or a comment I've remembered from a friend (or an enemy).

Each one has some meaning to me. What they mean to you is your thing. I'm not going to tell you about your own thing. Price-wise, they will all be very easy to afford. It would please me if the EBAY flipper folks stayed away from these, which they probably will anyways. These pieces are for hanging up in your office space at work, or taping to the bathroom mirror, or hanging with magnets on the fridge. They are for giving to friends and loved ones in place of a greeting card, with your own sentiments handwritten on them. Or for giving to someone in place of a note, when you don't know what to write.

Each piece will be part of a signed and numbered edition. I'd like to hope that the enjoyment that you or whomever ends up owning these pieces will experience will be 'services rendered' in exchange for the very modest price you will pay in monies. I'd hope that they would end up being a part of that group of ragged and tattered things that you keep around you as you move on through these most taxing years.'

'Promises' measures 17x11 inches and is screen printed on gallery stock. It is from a signed and numbered edition of only 100 pieces. - 20.00 plus shipping/handling

Both of these plus his new line of shirts all go on sale Thursday, May 15th at: 3:00 PM EASTERN (12 NOON PACIFIC) on the 'BUY' page

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