Friday, May 30, 2014

Malleus Jon Spencer Blues Explosion & ASG Poster Release Details

On Friday Malleus will have a couple of hot new posters for sale. One for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion European tour and the other for ASG European tour.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion poster was inspired by a movie from 1971, “Blood from the Mummy’s tomb” featuring the wonderful Valerie Leon. Then Jon suggested to create a sort of “extraterrestrial touch” to the idea around it mixing elements of the past with a sarcophagus in a Giger style. So, Malleus worked hard on the final image for what will be “Blood from the ancient ones” tour. The poster is an edition of 135 with less than 20 going on sale.

The ASG poster is 5 colors on cream paper with an edition of 185 but less than 35 will be for sale. 

Both poster go on sale Friday at the Malleus website at a random time

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