Wednesday, May 21, 2014

David Welker Primus & Beck Variant Artist Edition Poster Release

David Welker will be releasing his artist edition copies on a couple of posters people have been all  hot and bothered to get their hands on. These will go on sale Wednesday May 21st at 3pm EDT

First is Primus Wilmington, North Carolina poster
It's an 18x24" five color screen print
Edition of 200
Only 50 prints for sale from David
I asked David about the design
For the Primus illustration I wanted to assemble a band of misfit super heros about to embark on a perilous adventure with an uncertain end. This is the moment they're all posing together for a group photo making fun of each other as heros often do before they are cast into a life or death struggle to save the world. dw
He will also release a variant of his recent Beck screen print
14x17" silver variant
Edition of 40
David on the design of this print
The Beck variant was originally commissioned by the British music publication Mojo Magazine for their record review of Beck's latest album "Morning Phase". The editors asked me to depict Beck as a sort of modern Rip Van Winkle. I wanted him to look as though he had just awoken from a long slumber with the vines ensnaring him and his hair grown long. dw
And in other news, the Jerry Garcia Symphonic poster is now scheduled for June 3rd along with a couple surprises.

Primus and Beck can be bought at

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